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Congratulations to Everyone!!!

Who to Look for at the Movies, on Stage, and your TV Screen. Click on the pictures, logos and links. All logos & trademarks pictured here are the property of their rightful owners.

Gideon Glick

Gideon Glick Searches for His Significant Other, on Broadway. Gideon originated the role of Ernst in Spring Awakenings. He starred in Off-Broadway's Wild Animals You Should Know, and the movie Gods Behaving Badly with Sharon Stone. He then starred in Julie Taymor's original version of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark on Broadway.

Jordyn DiNatale- Eye Candy

Jordyn DiNatale is known for her role as Lucy in Recall, a futuristic play by Eliza Clark at the Wild Project. Jordyn played Chloe in Jamie Marks is Dead starring Liv Tyler. She then starred as Victoria Justice's younger sister Sara, in MTV's Eye Candy. Catch her next (with Ryann Shane!) beginning June 9th in Napoli, Brooklyn at the Roundabout theatre.

Ryann Shane Banshee

Ryann Shane starred as Deva Hopewell in the Cinemax drama series Banshee. She also starred as Daniella Leary on the FX series Lights Out, and as a young Amelia Earhart in the movie Amelia starring Hillary Swank.

Connor Buckley

Connor Buckley starred as Frankie with Chris Meloni on the FOX sitcom Surviving Jack.

Agneeta Thacker

Agneeta Thacker made her TV debut on Celebrity Ghost Stories, and then landed a recurring role on ABC's Betrayal. Next she was featured in the exciting Chicago PD - Law & Order crossover episode!

Dylan Hartigan

Dylan Hartigan's lead-debut film Funeral Kings, premiered at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, TX. Watch it on Netflix. Next Dylan was featured in James Gray's The Immigrant starring Joaquin Phoenix, Marion Cotillard, and Jeremy Renner, and on an episode of Unforgettable  on CBS.


Gianna LePera began her career in musical theatre landing the lead role of Susan Walker in a 2009 musical version of the holiday classic, Miracle on 34th Street! Catch her these days on TV shows like Modern Family, Trophy Wife and About a Boy.

Matt Magnusson Roar

Roar opened in LA with an excitng cast including Matt Magnusson.

Samantha Logan

Samantha Logan starred as teen clairvoyant Nona Clark on ABC's 666 Park Avenue. You can also see her in Detachment with Christina Hendricks and Adrian Brody. She played Taylor DuBois on ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital.  Next up: Logan joins the cast of Melissa & Joey, on ABC Family.

Jake T. Austin

Known for Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place and Hotel for Dogs, catch Jake T. Austin next as Huckleberry Finn, with Val Kilmer as Mark Twain.

Nicholas Barasch

Keeping up with Nicholas Barasch.

Jared Gertner

Exciting News- Jared Gertner is starring alongside Gavin Creel in The Book of Mormon Tour!

Elijah Boothe

Elijah Boothe was great on the CBS cop drama Golden Boy.

Nina Randazzo

Nina Randazzo made her SurfLight debut as Molly in Annie.

Kamahl Naiqui

Kamahl Naiqui filmed Da Brick, Spike Lee's HBO Pilot.

Chloe Roe

See Chloe Roe in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close,
starring Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock.

Emma Kantor

Catch Emma Kantor on Showtime in her first feature film
As Good As Dead, with Cary Elwes, Andie MacDowell, and Frank Whaley!

Dana Kluczyk

This year Dana Kluczyk is playing a lead role in
her high school's musical production of Legally Blonde.

Jake Randazzo

See Jake Randazzo as young Sean, in Boy Wonder - out on DVD.

Dylan HartiganDJ Hartigan

Brothers Dylan & DJ (pictured here in 2001) had a blast filming the new Madden NFL 12 commercial for PS3 this summer. Have they changed much?


See Heather Braverman as Samantha, in Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life. Adapted from the children's novel by Wendy Mass, this should be a great movie for the whole family.

Featured Voice Over actors.

Featured below are three Faces behind the characters you know and love. I asked them some interesting questions about their craft! Please click on their pictures below to view video clips, and visit other sites that feature them.

Regan Mizrahi Boots

Regan Mizrahi voices Boots the monkey, the adorable friend to Dora on Nick Jr's Dora the Explorer.

Dee- Regan you've been voicing Boots for several years- how old are you now?
Regan- I'm eleven.
Dee- What do you do to protect your instrument (voice) for your craft?
Regan- Well, on weeks when I have lots of work -I do no yelling on the ball field or at playdates, and I drink tons of water!
Dee- That must be difficult! What is your favorite thing about VO work?
Regan- When I do a commercials -I'm put on hold and until the shoot. I can't get a scratch or a bruise, or even a haircut (as a boy that's hard), with the voice overs I can show up wearing anything I like- and once I put the headphones on it's my voice that gives the character life- not my face.
Dee- Great answers- Thanks. Other kids can click on your picture and see your red carpet night for the 32nd annual Young Artist Awards, where you won Voice Actor of the Year- 2011!

Dana Gaier

Dana Gaier brings the spunky character Edith to life in the popular 2010 movie Despicable Me, starring Steve Carell and Miranda Cosgrove.

Dee- Dana, Your movie has so many big names attached to it- Did you get to meet the other voice actors?
Dana- No I did not record with the other actors, but I would run into them before or after I recorded, and at screenings, and at the premiere. Everyone was awesome! At the premiere, on the "yellow carpet," Steve Carell stopped walking down the carpet to shake my hand and say "Finally! I finally get to meet you!" Then we posed for some photos together. It was just so nice of him. Miranda Cosgrove introduced me to her Icarly co-stars at the premiere after party. Will Arnett told me I did a great job when he showed up early for his recording session and heard me doing my lines. It gives you confidence when an actor like him tells you something like that. Elsie Fisher (who played my younger sister) is like a little sister to me now!
Dee- What are your favorite things about Voice acting?
Dana- I love that the directors and writers explained the scene to me first and I'd have to imagine it happening around me. It's so different than set acting when you have actors alongside you and scenery surrounding you. I really loved seeing Edith come to life and even having some of my expressions show up in her face (because the directors taped me during recording sessions).
Dee- Thanks Dana.
Be sure to click on Dana's picture above to see a movie clip, and you can visit the fun red (yellow) carpet pictures from the premiere on


Beatrice Miller is the voice of Molly in the popular movie Toy Story 3.
You may also know her as Yes, Virginia.

Dee- Beatrice, What is the most important preparation for a voiceover actor?
Beatrice- I don't really do anything to prepare. But it helps to be a good reader and improvisor.
Dee- What makes voiceover acting unique?
Beatrice- You're doing it by yourself so you don't get to interact with others. You have to make up the other actors/voices in your head- and then react to what's in your imagination. You don't get to see your character until later, so it's fun to think about what it might look like.
dee- Thanks Beatrice- Good luck on your new project!
Beatrice is currently on location shooting the indie cop drama, "Officer Down." Her costars include David Boreanaz, James Woods, Stephen Dorff, Elisabeth Rohm, AnnaLynne McCord and others.Click here to see an up-date.

Alyssa May Gold

Alyssa May Gold made her Broadway debut in Tony Award winner
Tom Stoppard's ARCADIA starring Billy Crudup.

CassadyDevynn PedellAlison

Cassady, Devynn & Alison ALL played Jane Banks on Broadway in Mary Poppins!


Rachel loved performing in Billy Elliot on Broadway!


Alyssa's film Happy Tears is out on DVD. She plays young Laura, played by Demi Moore.

Regan Mizrahi

Regan's movie - Old Dogs is out on DVD. On the set, Regan sat on Robin Williams' lap and asked him "how do you make flubber?" Robin spent a lot of time explaining the process. Regan loved hearing about it and still talks about him.

Jessica Carlsen

See Jessica's film The Vampire's Assistant,
starring John C. Reilly, Willem Dafoe and Salma Hayek.

Ashley Marie Greiner

Ashley Marie starred on As the World Turns.

Jaime Lee starred in RENT on Broadway and Mercy on NBC!

Bradford Anderson

Bradford Anderson starred as Spinelli on General Hospital. See him next in the thriller Double Yellow Lines.

Heather Braverman 08

Heather's project The Adventures of Crickett and the Little Girl Power was featured in the Hoboken Film Festival!
I loved working on a project that sends a positive message to other kids about making the world a better place!- Heather

Dan was Matt in Dog Sees God with the Red Door Theatre Company.

Audrey Kate

Audrey Kate was featured on American Idol!


Check out Christian on MTV's College Humor TV.


Daniel was featured when APAC presented Ragtime.

Emma Kantor

Emma had her Broadway debut in THE WIDOWING OF MRS. HOLROYD by D.H. Lawrence at the Mint Theatre.

Athena Ripka

Athena shined as Susan Waverly in Irving Berlin's White Christmas on Broadway!

Morgan was Betty Lou Who in Dr Suess' How the Grinch Stole Christmas the Musical!

Connor Buckley

Connor filmed the Pilot Franken Twins for Nickelodeon London!

Claire finished a National Tour as Baby June in GYPSY.
I loved seeing the country, different theaters and places. I hope to be on tour again someday!- Claire


Alison made her debut on Broadway in Sunday in the Park with George- The stunning new Olivier Award-winning production of the Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine masterpiece.

Joey LaVarco

Joey had a blast on Broadway in 13 the musical!

Congratulations to Regan & Blake - The brothers are so excited to work in a Verizon Commercial together.

Justine MagnusonDana

Justine & Dana had a great time on the
Whistle Down the Wind tour.

Dylan Hartigan

Watch for Dylan on Law & Order. Thanks to Dylan for his GREAT Quote-
If you want to be an actor you have to keep your mind on it. You have to try over and over again. One day you are going to make it and you are going to be happy you didn't quit. Working on the Stepford Wives set was fun because I got to meet all these new people and got to know them. Bette Midler taught me how to tie my shoe a different way. Everyone was really great. The Black Donnellys was fun too. All the people and kids that were around were great. The directors were really nice to me.It was cool to see how a film is made. I am being charged by a car in the movie, but t was really a camera and they film the car later.

Kristen Bell stars as Veronica Mars! (We know how old these posts are getting!)


Look for Cynthia and some cool recipies!

Jonathan Glick was Claudio, in American Theater
of Actor's Much Ado About Nothing.

Athena Ripka

Athena starred as Cindy Lou Who!


Heather & Cassady did a great job on Law & Order SVU, on NBC.

Lauren and the kids spent a week working in LA- with Lane Napper filming the first episode of the Nickelodeon show iCarly! My favorite memory of my week in Hollywood, was seeing how an episode of a television show is put together and filmed. It was the most amazing experience, and although it was a lot of hard work, I enjoyed each and every minute of working with Lane Napper, Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy, Nathan Kress, the other dancers and the iCarly technical staff. Thanks! -Lauren

Johnny starred as young Patrick in Mame with Sandy Duncan, and in Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! He went to LA too with Lane Napper and the kids to dance in the iCarly episode.

Jared Gertner stars as Barfee on Broadway!

Thomas plays Troy in Little Children.

See Regan in his Cheerios and Dunkin Doughnuts commercials. He had a great time with director Zach Braff!

Cody toured with the Lion King touring company.

Congratulations to Skye Arens on her Jimmy Dean, Walgreens and Cheezitz commercials!I liked working on Jimmy Dean Sausage cause I got to work with a fake dad that looked like the sun. He was REALLY funny. I got to play with my fake big sister too. I ALWAYS love eating snacks from craft service and meeting new people. -Skye

Lina loved playing her role in Shakespeare in the Park. A Midsummer Night's Dream in Central Park was beautiful under the moon and stars. My favorite memory was after the show --the park was quiet and dark when the cast and crew walked out as a family. I loved that feeling! -Lina

Watch Katie as Elizabeth in Felicity, an American Girl Adventure classic.

Celine Pence

Catch Celine Pence's- Original song -Gettin' Outta Here on Youtube. Another great video directed by Lane Napper!

Featured below are Kids Making a Difference.

Please click on their pictures to view video clips, and visit other sites that feature them.

Faces of the Month...September 2011- Brook

First of all, I want to personally congratulate Brook on his heart-felt documentary The Second Day. I am proud to know him since before he was born!

ABC Interview with David Muir.
What an amazing week for Brook, and his very proud mom Michelle. It all began last Saturday with a screening of his student film -The Second Day- at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival in Manhattan. Brook's film, a personal look at the horrific events of September 11, 2001- through the eyes of a child, was already getting attention. Who knew then, what important global event was about to take place the following night. Then came the interviews with New York magazine, the CBS nightly news with Katie Couric, and ABC news with David Muir and Diane Sawyer. It continues today when he will receive an important honor at Ground Zero, and ends tonight with an appearance on ABC's 20/20! I probably shouldn't say -it ends- It may be the end to an amazing week, but I am sure this is just the beginning for this fine young film maker, and future NYC fireman if he has it his way. By the way, did I mention that he is only 14! Be sure to watch ABC World News with Diane Sawyer tonight, when Brook will be honored as their "person of the week."

Faces of the Month... Monica

Monica is being honored as a 2011 Junior Humanitarian by the Foodbank of Monmouth County.

Foodbank of Monmouth County

Faces of the Month... Elijah

Elijah made us proud on a March 6, episode of Dateline, NBC with Kate Snow, featuring an important message against bullying.

Elijah Boothe 2011

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